About 3D Demolition

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Mission Statement

3D Demolition, is committed to leading the industry by way of providing reliable, efficient and safe demolition and asbestos removal services that meet the individual and diverse needs of our customers.

We Deliver by:

  • Responding to differing client needs and requirements;
  • Providing services that are comprehensive, safe and reliable; having the site fanced and using Electric gate opener;
  • Providing services that are environmentally friendly;
  • Responding to innovation within the industry, and
  • Getting the job done right, the first time

3d Demolition is a family owned, Brisbane based company which specialises in residential and commercial demolition. With no job too big or small, 3D Demolition services the Brisbane, Morton Bay, Sunshine Coast and Toowomba districts. In support of our demolition services, 3D Demolition also offer and are experienced in asbestos removal, site cleans, plant hire, vegetation management and skip bin services.


3D Demolition make the process of removing your structure quick and easy with minimal impact to the environment and surroundings. With the use of our modern machinery and skilled labour and working in unity with local authorities, 3D Demolition ensure the process is carried out with a high regard to safety, complying with Workplace Health and Safety Queensland regulations and local council regulations. Dust and noise emissions are of constant concern during the demolition process with dust control measures and non-invasive processes used on most work sites. We hold necessary public liability insurance and required demolition licences.

3D Demolition has a strong focus on recycling as much product as possible including concrete, metal, timber and green waste which in turn saves you, us and the environment from un-necessary landfill wastage. 3D Demolition works in accordance with the Australian Standard AS2601.

In the majority of demolitions today, asbestos containing materials will need to be dealt with in a responsible manner. 3D Demolition is licenced to remove and dispose of all bonded asbestos materials prior to demolition. This work can be done as a standalone job or included in your demolition quotation. All sites containing asbestos require security fencing and are to be signed off by a licenced party on completion of removal.

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If you require demolition of your residential or commercial building then 3d Demolition are here to meet your needs. 3d demolitions specialise in residential demolition, commercial demolition and asbestos removal in the Brisbane, Moreton Bay and surrounding districts extending to the Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and beyond. In support of our demolition services, 3d Demolitions also offer and are experienced in excavation, earthworks, site cleans, bulk haulage, vegetation management with skip bins and plant hire.

At 3d Demolition, we understand the importance of your time. We also understand the importance of providing a service that is comprehensive, safe and meets the needs of the customer. This is why we have placed a strong emphasis on offering demolition services that are tailored to meet the needs of the customer, demolition services that are completed within a desired time frame, and demolition services that are done right, the first time.

3d Demolition are a family owned and operated business which allows us to incorporate this flexibility, efficiency and high levels of professionalism into our jobs while guaranteeing a highly competitive price.

3d Demolition holds the required Queensland licences and Public Liability insurance for safe demolition of your structure. We provide experienced and licensed operators who adhere to current Australian Demolition Standards and all demolitions are conducted in line with Australian Standard AS 2601: Demolition of Structures. We take pride in our ability to confirm to the Australian Demolition Standards, ensuring that your Demolition job is undertaken in the safest way possible, while giving you peace of mind that the job is in capable hands.

At 3d Demolition, a large emphasis is placed on the safety and efficiency of removing hazardous materials from your demolition site. In accordance with the guidelines set out in the Occupational
Health and Safety Act, 3d Demolition are able provide for the safe Asbestos Removal and disposal of Asbestos products. Prior to a demolition taking place, the structure is examined for Asbestos by fully trained and qualified staff who will then implement the safest strategies for removal and disposal.

3d Demolition operates with a strong focus toward the recycling of building materials and minimal environmental impact, factors that can contribute to reducing the cost of the project. Where possible, building materials are segregated and disposed of by type, allowing for products such as timber to be reshredded or made into Chipboard.

Why Choose 3D Demolition?

  • 3D Demolition consistently offer a reliable service at a very affordable & competitive price;
  • 3D Demolition provides an efficient response to our client's needs to minimise their waiting time & maximise the progress of their project;
  • 3D Demolition ensures at all times that all staff, driver and operators are fully trained and experienced in all demolition and debris management situations;
  • 3D Demolition regularly maintain, service and upgrade our equipment to ensure reliability, durability and most importantly, safety;
  • 3D Demolition provides excellent service and supportive customer interactions throughout all facets of our service;
  • 3D Demolition is committed to getting the job done right, the first time and maximising customer satisfaction through meeting diverse and differing client nee