Asbestos Removal

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The majority of buildings built prior to and around the 1990s contain some asbestos materials. These may include; wall and ceiling sheeting, roofing, fencing, tiling and piping. It is imperative for the health and safety of you and your neighbour’s that these materials are dealt with in a professional and responsible manner. Upon quotation, any suspected materials will be tested by an independent NATA certified laboratory for confirmation of asbestos before any work is performed.

3D Demolition is licenced to remove and dispose of all bonded asbestos materials prior to demolition. This can be a standalone job or included in your demolition quotation. All sites containing asbestos require security fencing and are to be signed off by a licenced party on completion of removal.

Our Asbestos Removal services are comprehensive and affordable. Contact us for a quote. Prices vary depending on amount of asbestos to be taken care of. Our experienced staff will guarantee safety and complete asbestos removal prior to your excavation or demolitoin.

Asbestos Removal

Low Cost Asbestos Removal

3D Demolition is your ready source of demolition equipment and rubbish and debris removal in demolished areas. At 3D Demolition, we:

  • Consistently offer a reliable service at a very affordabale and competitive price
  • Provide prompt response to minimise client-waiting time
  • Ensure that all drivers are competent and trained, and
  • Regularly maintain and upgrade equipment