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3D Demolition offers full demolition and debris removal services to any residential or commercial locations in Brisbane and other cities in Queensland.

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Structure Demolition and Debris Removal

Building Demolition or Structure Demolitions is the process of destroying a building, house or
similar structure. This is achieved by using heavy machinery and equipment to pull a building or
structure down, forming rubble and debris that require disposal. As part of the demolition process,
footings and slabs are also removed. This debris is then taken away to a recycling or refuse facility
for disposal. The customer is essentially left with a vacant area of land on which they are able to
place another structure or simply leave vacant.

  • The demolition process is suited to a wide variety of individuals, situations and structures. This
  • Those who have purchased a block of land on which the structure is not suitable for
    habitation or meeting the needs of the purchaser;
    Those wishing to clear a block of land of its current structures to build again;
  • Structures deemed unfit for renovation;
  • Structures including, but not limited to houses, sheds, carports, stables, blocks of units/

At 3d Demolition, we strive to meet the needs and requirements of the individual, no matter what
their situation is. We are happy to liaise with our clients to ensure that our services are tailored to
meet their needs, their situation and the structure requiring demolition. 3D Demolition is your easy
and ready source of demolition and excavation equipment and debris removal in demolished areas.


Equipment Used

When demolishing and removing a structure, the use of heavy vehicles and machinery is required.
Such equipment includes excavators, bobcats and trucks. This machinery is also required to
comply to standards related to durability, reliability and of course, safety.

At 3d Demolition, we have a wide variety of reliable, durable and safe equipment to facilitate the
efficient demolition and removal of a structure from your property. All equipment owned and used
by 3d Demolition is regularly maintained and serviced to further ensure the safety, durability and
reliability of the equipment and the reliability and efficiency of the demolition services we offer.


Considerations When Demolishing

Prior to and during the demolishing of a structure, there are several considerations that must
be taken into account. Firstly, the type and quality of structure to be demolished will determine
the length and cost of the job. Secondly, any hazardous materials present on the site must also
be accounted for. Accessibility of the site will also determine the suitability of demolition for
a particular structure. Utilities such as water and electricity will require disconnection prior to
demolition taking place. Finally, safety and work plans will need to be developed to further ensure
the safety of all involved in the demolition process and to further assist the efficiency of the

At 3d Demolition, we take all of the above factors into account when tailoring a demolition service
to meet your needs. Our staff are happy to liaise with you to ensure that all aspects of your
demolition project are considered and develop a plan that meets site-specific needs in the most
comprehensive way possible.