Licence and Insurance

demolition license

Licence and Insurance are very important for demolition. For restricted demolition, licence is required to demolish, or partly demolish a structure or any building that is around four metres and 15 metres tall and requires mechanical demolition equipment such as excavators, bulldozers or cranes.

Licence is also required if the building is in between 10 - 15 metres in height & affects its building integrity. Also if it requires the utilization of load shifting machine on its suspended floors.

A restricted demolition licence costs around AU$2,000 and is valid for up to two years.

Unrestricted demolition

However, for unrestricted Brisbane demolition, a licence is required to demolish or partly demolish, any structure if thebuilding is more than 15 metres tall.

Other criteria are : if it has a chemical installation; requires a tower crane to use on site; requires a crane with a capacity greater than one hundred tonnes; requires floor propping and need to install explosives.

A unrestricted demolition licence costs AU $2,000 and is only valid for 2 years.

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